Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Spanish Government Suppresses The Ministry of Tourism

The Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has decided to "down range" political representation which until now had been given to Tourism within the Ministry.

In the package of austerity measures to encourage the central government has decided to abolish the State Secretariat of Tourism and the General Secretariat to make it a lower ranking in the ministerial structure, but will report directly to the appropriate minister and will continue Joan Mesquida in the new position.

According to confirmed Hosteltur sources with the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, the Ministry of Tourism will become tomorrow from General Secretariat of Tourism, will continue reporting directly to the Minister Miguel Sebastian and continue in the new post until today Secretary of State Joan Mesquida.

This is a cut in the hierarchy until today occupied Tourism within the structure of the central administration and the most negative consequence will be that from now on, the secretary general will not have access to the preparatory meetings of the Council of Ministers, which it had allowed the secretary of state.

Joan Mesquida, Told this newspaper, has recognized the importance of their presence at these meetings, because in this way is easier to treat tourism as a ministerial matter, and refer appropriate reflections when any Ministry has proposed that may affect in some Thus, the tourism industry. This is what has happened , for example, on the issue of airport charges.

Report directly to the Minister

Mesquida said, however, that it is an advantage that the new position to continue reporting directly to the minister, and that there is an intermediate structure between the General Secretariat and the leadership of the Ministry.

For non-attendance Mesquida Tourism preparatory meetings of the Council of Ministers is the most remarkable result of the new organization, and also the fact that it may miss the ease of communication between the various secretaries of state government.

It is also negative Secretary of State ceases to be the Spanish correspondent for the Ministries of Tourism from other countries. On the other hand, is a guarantee that does not believe an intermediate structure and that the secretary general continues to have direct path to the minister.

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade until now had four Secretaries-General: Tourism, Commerce, Telecommunications and the Information Society and Energy. The Tourism is the only one that disappears. Will the same range as the General Secretariat of Industry.

Other sources consulted by Hosteltur have openly doubted that the change in structure result in a significant savings because the team is relatively small Mesquida. "Maybe around 600 euros a month," indicated to this newspaper.

Joan Mesquida has received messages of encouragement in the sector which has been known as Hosteltur disagrees with the change. Also King Juan Carlos he has sent a message of encouragement and solidarity.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Top 5 Luxury Hotels Bristol

Top 5 Luxury Hotels Bristol

Marriott Hotel in Bristol City Centre

The Marriott hotel company offers splendid accommodation worldwide and the Bristol hotel is no different. Perched in Bristol city centre next to the impressive Cabot Circus shopping centre. All rooms in the Marriott hotel in Bristol have their own work space for guests that include free internet access. The comfortable beds include luxury designer bedding pillows and duvets. As standard in luxury hotels the Marriott consists of top of the range health fitness and spa facilities. The top place to eat at the Bristol Marriott hotel is the Terrace Grill. Serving succulent steaks from local produce.

Westfield House

Westfield house is not as well known in the hotel industry as it is a small and friendly family run establishment. This luxury hotel is an old mansion and is only a 10 minute drive from Bristol centre on the North West side of the city. This hotel prides itself on offering guests a relaxing break away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city centre hotels. Well renowned for its superb international cuisines and its rigorous Les Routiers criteria certification. A hard to come by luxury hotel in Bristol that is still a hidden gem.

Carpenters Arms Hotel

The Carpenters Arms is another hidden gem that can be found around the outskirts of Bristol. The guest house offers 4 star luxury accommodation and is ideally located for touring the surrounding country side of Chew Valley. relax in the traditional bar with ice cold refreshments. The kitchen serves al fresco dining. Take in the beautiful country side whilst sipping a drink in the scenic patio area. In cold days the log fire burns to keep guests warm. The guest rooms at the Carpenters Arms are beautifully decorated in a contemporary fashion. Another luxurious hidden gem in a luxurious country side setting. Luxury Hotel Du Vin Bristol

The Hotel Du Vin hotels offer guests something a little different from most luxury city centre hotels. Du Vin Hotels in Bristol as well as Du Vin Hotels around the world offer guests luxury accommodation without the fuss and frills of most luxury hotels. The Bristol hotel used to be an old sugar house that was once the prime destination for all sugar deliveries to the UK from other British colonies. Now a luxury warehouse style hotel that is located in Bristols sought after commercial district.

Ramada Jarvis Bristol Hotel

Located a five minute walk from Temple Meads Train Station in Bristol is the luxury 4 star Ramada Jarvis Hotel. One of the hotels top features is the wonderful restaurant that is now housed in the old 17th century glass blown kiln. The lounge area offers guests free wifi sky sports you can also order snacks and refreshments from the very professional and friendly staff. 24 hour room service is available when requested. Just like most luxury hotels in Bristol guests can relax in comfortable stylish en suite accommodation that is decorated to a high standard.

GB 5 Star Hotels in Bristol
Wine Street, Bristol, BS1 2PH | Phone: 0117 941 1032‎

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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Swedish Swan Hotels

Grythyttans Inn has now passed the Swan harsh environment and climate requirements of the hotel. This means that the entire operation of the plant environment has been examined.

- For us it has always been clear that the protection of nature - we are working actively to minimize our environmental impact. For example, we buy locally produced organic ingredients as much as possible, "says Jenny Ljungberg, CEO & Proud Owner, Hotels.

Swan label is confirmation that the Grythyttans Inn has a high level of environmental performance and takes climate responsibility. But environmental spray characterizes not only Grythyttans Inn - it characterizes all Hotel's members:

- The goal is for all our hotels will be Swan by year end. One of the hotels - Swan Krägga Mansion - was appointed Sweden's first climate positive Hotels 2009th This means that the Manor Krägga overcompensates their carbon dioxide emissions by 15 percent. Swan label is an important symbol of that we are heading in the right direction, "says Jenny Ljungberg, CEO & Proud Owner, Hotels.

Swan also sets requirements for reduced consumption of water and chemicals (for example, cleaning and washing up). Hotel purchases to be environmentally friendly, (for example, labeled detergents, supplies, services, furnishings and food) and all waste should be sorted.

Cultural monuments Grythyttans Inn is located in the Bergslagen and the Swedish gastronomic heart. In the inn kitchen praised developed and created innovative courses in higher education.

Hotel can be described as a collection, romantic, innovators and gourmets. We consist of the Swedish hotel Grythyttans Inn, Häringe Castle, Krägga Manor, Conference and Tammsvik Villa MÃ Farm, and American Maidstone in East Hampton, NY.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

How the New Hotel Rankings Work in France

The hotel classification has been amended in October 2009 by section 10 of the law of development and modernization of tourist services.

A grid renovated includes new standards of comfort, quality service and sustainable development (eg access to the Internet, accessible to persons with disabilities, low-power equipment bulb, use of green cleaning products ...). The new schedule contains more than 300 very specific criteria, some of which are mandatory.

To qualify as a "tourist hotel, a hotel must be at least 6 bedrooms.

The new hotel classification has five categories (cons 6 previously):

  • it ranges from 1-star 5-star
  • "4-star luxury" is replaced by the 5-star to luxury hotels,
  • the 0-star disappears.

The classification remains voluntary, the procedure is initiated and supported by the operator of the facility. It is more definitive and must be revised every 5 years.

Procedure for classification: the outcome of the monitoring visit ordered by the operator accredited firm of its choice, the control cabinet shall report to the institution and the control grid opinion on the rating category requested.

The operator then submits its application for classification to the prefecture, which takes the classification order and forward the complete file Trump France.

The listing of a hotel, made by the previous regulation, remains valid until July 21, 2012, the date from which it must be requested under the new criteria.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Initiative fails to locate a nudist hotel in Turkey

Nudist Hotel Closed After A Few Days

Editorial .- The first nudist hotel boasted a revolution in the Muslim world has not lasted as expected. The complex is located in the city of Marmaris, In East Turkey, And a week of being open have forced authorities to close the 14,000 meters resort.

The inspectors excuse to censor the complex was "one of the balconies does not measure what you put into the background." The owner, Kosar Ahmed Has already begun to work to ensure that inspectors will no longer strict reopen next week.

After two years of construction, the time it took to build the resort and to obtain all necessary permits, will now have to wait for a procedure that is most like censorship than a necessary permit. Twelve are the customers who opened the resort, but had to be relocated to more conventional hotels.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

New Hotel in Italy

Luxury Surronded in Unchanting Scenery

Extremely comfortable, very nice family and is located in the center of Gozzano short distance from Lake Orta just minutes from Lake Maggiore, from Malpensa Airport and just 35 km away from the area at the Salone del Mobile Rho-Pero exhibition, and surrounded by top golf courses and the most renowned shopping-outlet.

Charm and good food for a relaxing holiday in the lake, nature, gardens with beautiful flowers, hiking in valleys and mountains, an ideal base for your leisure travel, meetings, business trips, gastronomy, nature walks with guide, sightseeing, religious and devotional, villas and ancient, sacred mountains, shrines, museums, theme parks and painted walls, water sports, sailing, horse riding, golf, paragliding, hiking, golfing, water-skiing, mountain biking, tennis, rafting, biking .

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Dutch Booking Sites Are Registered

With European Authorities

The Dutch Competition Authority (NMa) has received no mention of Koninklijke Horeca Netherlands (KHN) over the practice of booking sites. KHN showed earlier this week that the multiple booking sites have registered with Dutch and European competition authorities.

A press officer of the NMa had Friday morning knowing that no mention is made concerning booking sites. KHN spokesman Anthony van der Klis reported Monday that notification has been made to the competition authorities.

This creates great uncertainty about conditions around booking sites. KHN believes that the sites have much power and abuse by them. The association does not want to reveal which sites it is.

Booking Sites let you know just very accommodating to have gone with cancellations due to Icelandic ash cloud. Posting Expert Patrick Landman of calls the struggle KHN against booking sites a rearguard action. Also innovative bar owner Ronald van den Hoff of previously showed a similar sound.

The sector board of KHN Hotels believes that only hotelier choice may do so if there 'no show' charges are charged or not. Guests have the opportunity to insure against cancellation but a hotelier who has no option, set KHN.